SI/PI Analysis

As PCB boards become increasingly dense and performant, resulting in an increase in signal speed and reduction in board size, signal integrity (SI) and power integrity (PI) analysis become more and more important, but debugging is also much more difficult.

What We Do About SI/PI Analysis

Signal Integrity

Power Integrity

Signal Integrity

SI analysis is crucial for ensuring that signals are transmitted across circuits without any distortion. It aims to deliver an accurate signal to the receiving circuit. By minimizing the impact of non-ideal sections on the transmission line or coupled noise, SI analysis ensures reliable signaling within or between electronic boards. This leads to faster data processing, reduced maintenance costs due to extended battery life, and eliminates unexpected errors or system freezing

High-Speed Serial Channel Modeling: 56G PAM-4, PCIe, USB, 25G Ethernet, SAS, Fiber Channel.

High-Speed Memory Simulation: DDR4/5, Topology Options, Waveform Integrity.

PCB Design Stackup and Material Analysis.

Tools: Ansys HFSS and SIwave, Keysight ADS, Synopsys HSpice, and Hyperlynx.


Power Integrity

PI analysis is essential for managing the power delivery from the source to the load within an electronic system. It ensures a stable and clean power supply, which is vital for the system’s performance and reliability.

PDN Visualization and Optimization – Simulation and 3D modeling of your board’s PDN to optimize power planes and structures for power delivery to each load within the system.

DC and AC response of Power planes – Verify that PDN voltage drop and impedance targets are met for the system.

AC Decoupling Analysis – Decoupling capacitor value optimization to meet target PDN impedance. Part count minimization to lower BOM cost.

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Our analysis provides a high degree of accuracy, ensuring that your final product performs as expected5.


We identify and resolve design issues early in the development process, saving time and resources.


Our SI/PI analysis solution is tightly integrated into the PCB design environment, providing fast and accurate integration of design and analysis results2.

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