Electronic Components Sourcing Service

Wonderful PCB hired with 10 component procurement specialists and incoming material analysis and control engineers with at least 5 years of procurement experience. All electronic components are imported according to the brand and model specified by the customer. Cooperative suppliers include overseas stock distributors such as digikey, mouser, RS, Element14, as well as original manufacturers and authorized agents such as TI, ST, Atmel, etc.

Component quotations can be replied within 24 hours at the fastest, and the fast operation comes from a solid supply channel and procurement system.

Procurement of electronic components

  • 100% purchase according to the brand and item number specified in the customer’s BOM (unless the customer agrees in writing to purchase other alternative materials due to the procurement cycle)
  • Procurement of materials through formal channels such as first-level agents and top traders
  • Can provide first-level agent certificate of origin
  • Has a good centralized procurement advantage, and obtains a shorter procurement cycle, the latest material year, stocking advantages, etc.
  • Provide complete original technical support

Quality Control

Our professional procurement team conducts strict screening and classification of suppliers, and only selects distributors, channel suppliers, and agents with high reputation and has been accepted by customers for cooperation. Most of the suppliers are authorized agents of original brands, guaranteeing Product quality of electronic components. We will also order products from designated suppliers in strict accordance with customer requirements, and retain most of the original packaging and labels. If customers need, we can provide relevant transaction documents with spot suppliers.

For the purchased raw materials, components or products, there will be a special IQC for quality confirmation and inspection, that is, when the supplier sends the raw materials or components, the products are inspected by sampling and full inspection, and finally a judgment is made as to whether the batch of products is Receive or return. We are also equipped with professional electronic component testing equipment, and conduct acceptance inspections in strict accordance with relevant technical document standards and material operation instructions to ensure the quality of materials entering the production line.

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