Urgent Service

Urgent Service

The development of manufacturing technologies and evolution of PCB fabrication process allow PCB manufacturers to print custom designed PCBs and deliver to clients within days.

Standard PCB Lead time

Here at Wonderful PCB, lead time refers to the time we need for printed circuit boards fabrication. It is counted from the second working days followed by your order payment receipt and file confirmation. Please note that it does not include holidays or weekends.

Generally speaking, our lead time depends on your circuit design’s complexity and your custom requirements. We’re capable to prototype boards with 3-7 day. As for standard PCB production, we offer 3 lead time options. Please refer to the following table for detailed info. You may select your desired lead time when quoting online, we’ll calculate the PCB cost based on your required lead time accordingly.

PCB UrgentService

Considering some projects demand a much shorter schedule, especially when you spend too much time on the PCB design or engineering stage and need to catch up with the production, we offer PCB Expedited Service to help you meet the deadline. We’re capable to print your PCB boards with the same high quality as we promised on our Standard PCBs Services starts from 2 days. Extra charge will be occurred for expediting your PCB orders.