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  • Wonderful manufacturing Services -

    Wonderful manufacturing Services, CEM-Contract Electronics Manufacturing, SMT, THT, cable assembly, Press-fit, testing, supplying with PCB-Printed Circuit Board, electronic components, PCB Design, and other additional services.  

    Engaging our production powers in your PCB assembly you will get in return: valuable advices on design stage, securing materials, also printed circuit boards, realization time from 3 weeks to 5 days in standard mode depending on quantities and shorter for samples or on demand, full logistic to the world while, additional services.

    Any project need quotation welcome to email wonderful29@wonderfulpcb.com

    Full list of services:

    • Automatic assembly on 2 modern SMT lines (assembly capability from 0201 to fine-pitch 0.4 mm IC)
    • Semi automatic assembly on prototyping/small batch lines
    • Automatic Optical Inspection
    • BGA circuits assembly
    • BGA rework
    • BGA reballing
    • X-ray Inspection
    • SMT assembly with glue or solderpaste (with template or dispenser)
    • SMD elements glueing and wave soldering
    • SMD elements reflow soldering
    • Double side SMD assembly
    • Wave soldering ( also selective) through-hole assembly
    • Through-hole and SMD assembly combination
    • Complementary manual assembly
    • Press fit assembly technology
    • Wiring harnesses production
    • Conformal coating
    • Potting
    • Plastic CNC, metal CNC, plastic injection (outsourced)
    • Engineering 
    • EMC tests


    Components and PCB sourcing:

    Wonderful cooperates with the most famous electronics components distributors like EBV, Arrow, Future Electronics, DigiKey etc. If our customer signed an agreement for the most crucial parts with a distributor , Wonderful purchases components in a mixed system. Then we are working proactively with you to look for the lowest selling channels or equivalents of components for the rest of parts. Our offer for components will include value for every line so that you compare them with your sources.



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