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  • The detailed description of PCB Copy Processing -

    If you have customers want to copy a pcb board,u know how’s the process going on?Here all details are clear for you.


    First of all, make sure that if there are any parts with higher location and then scan it as a backup. Scan it again after finishing the demolition of components with higher location. In order to ensure that the IC model and the legend on the PCB copy are visible enough on the scanned picture, the dirt on the surface of the PCB copy must be cleared away before scanning.


    The next step of PCB copy is the demolition of components and the formulation of BOM. First remove the resistance, and then split the capacitor, and finally dismantle IC, and record the missing and anti-disassembled components. A table with the details of the location, packaging, model and number should be prepared in advance, and then paste the components on the corresponding location listed on the table one by one. All of the devices torn down from the PCB copy should be tested by bridge to and input the data into the computer.
    Thirdly, get rid of the remaining dross on the surface of the PCB copy before removing the components and adjust the temperature of electric iron appropriately according to the layer of the PCB copy. As it’s hard to melt the tin of multilayer PCB due to the fast heat dissipation, the temperature of the soldering iron should be a little higher but not too high so as not to burn out the ink. The board without tin should be washed with special water and then dry it.
    Fourthly, mark the scanning pictures respectively as top and bottom and then convert them into image that can be identified by PCB copy software. The next step is to carry out the packaging of the components according to the image and then until put them in the corresponding position and adjust the characters to make sure that it’s the same as the original. Then wear off the silk screen, ink and character on the PCB surface with sand paper to expose the bright copper. A clear and complete PCB image is an important prerequisite to copy PCB.
    Fifthly, check the PCB with the help of PCB diagram, image processing software combined with PCB drawing software and circuit physical connection relationship. Measure the copper thickness and interlayer spacing with optical microscope and analyze dielectric constant of the substrate. In all, the indicators of the PCB copy should be consistent with the original board.


    With the developing of the technology, the PCB copy processing will become more and more simple and feasible. We Wonderful will improve the ability of researching and developing to offer much more PCB copy with high quality in the future. More detail or any PCB on pending,welcome to contact me in time: wonderful25@wonderfulpcb.com


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