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  • Quality Control in PCB Manufacturing -

    In order to ensure quality in PCB design, your task should cover the following three aspects.

    • Capability of PCB manufacturers has to be ensured.

    Quality department, together with sourcing department should investigate and approve aptitudes and manufacturing capability of PCB manufacturers in order to ensure their sufficient manufacturing capability on your design project.

    PCBCart features extended custom PCB manufacturing capabilities for a comprehensive range of PCBs including Aluminum PCBHDI PCBHigh-Tg PCBHalogen-free PCBFlex PCBFlex-rigid PCB, etc. and PCB Assembly services.

    • Checking and confirmation have to be constantly done prior to manufacturing.

    PCB designers have to check and confirm the design drawings that will be applied by PCB manufacturer for many times prior to manufacturing. Since PCB design can’t be successful just after one trial and modifications have to be made time and time again, PCB manufacturers will hold multiple versions of design drawings. So it’s necessary to carefully check and confirm the final design drawing provided by PCB manufacturer prior to practical manufacturing so that manufactured PCBs conform to requirement of the last version.

    • Much attention should be paid to the key procedures of PCB manufacturing.

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