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  • Quality Control in PCB Design -

    In order to ensure quality in PCB design, your task should cover the following three aspects.


    • Validity of PCB design file has to be ensured.


    Project leader should be responsible for checking PCB design file and corresponding approval procedures have to be implemented so that validity of PCB design files has to be ensured.


    • Manufacture ability of PCBs has to be ensured.


    Project leader and technologist should strictly conform to technological requirement in order to ensure manufacturability of PCBs. Technological requirement can be directly listed on design drawings if it is relatively simple. Otherwise, it has to be summarized into a text that is saved in additional file. No matter what is the simplicity of technological requirement, it has to be explained ACCURATELY, CLEARLY and REASONABLY. Technological requirement after checking should not only meet the present production craft level with high cost effectiveness but also leave much convenience to implementation of subsequent assembly, debugging and checking.


    As a value-added option for our Assembly services, PCBCart offers Free DFM Check. If any issues were detected, our engineers would get in touch with you immediately to solve the issue as quickly as possible with you prior to scheduling PCB manufacturing accordingly.


    • Testability and Normalization has to be ensured.


    Standardiser implements normalization checking in terms of test points, structural style, dimensions, routing, through-hole via and characters so as to ensure testability and manufacturability of PCBs which should conform to requirement of national and industrial standardization.


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