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  • Prototype PCB Assembly -

    To help make the development of products easier, faster and cheaper, Wonderful PCB offer several specialized services.

    Our proprietary DFA (Design for Assembly) Verification software creates a virtual prototype of customer designs. This allows our Engineering Dept. to check for errors, such as wrong part rotation or incorrect pad size, that can stall or even completely derail an assembly order. We catch these mistakes upfront and work with customers to correct them before a single component is placed on a board.

    Once everything looks good on a design, customers often want to test a few finished units to double check functionality before a whole order is built. No problem. We offer a free First Article Service. Lets say you want 10 PCB prototype units assembled, but want to check two first. Well get everything ready to build the 10 units, but only assemble and ship two of them while the remaining eight are on hold awaiting your approval to proceed. If you have any design adjustments, we will work with you to make them happen for the final run.

    Designing optimized circuit boards for products is challenging and requires an immense attention to detail. Most of our engineer customers want to focus on design tasks and not the logistical mess of ordering, stocking and shipping all the individual components for their design. Thats why we offer full Turn-KeyServices for prototype as well as production orders. Let our dedicated sourcing and procurement staff find your components, get them on order and inventory them to ensure delivery accuracy. With our Turn-Key service, we handle the headaches and risks for you.



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