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    With investment in high end design systems and years of experience in leading edge PCB design it follows that Concept CAD has the capability to undertake even the most demanding of designs.


    Our areas of expertise include:


    Signal timing sensitive layouts
    Many designs require timing (length) control of high speed signals, our systems allow us to control absolute and relative lengths of nets, including internal die delays if necessary.


    Signal Integrity/EMC/EMI
    Good design practices and our thorough understanding of high speed signalling techniques ensures signal integrity requirements are met.


    Impedance control
    Most high speed signals require impedance control, either single ended or differential. Again, good design practice and knowledge of impedance control keep designs within their requirements.


    High layer count
    Designs containing up to 14 layers are typical for most PCBs, however, we have successfully undertaken many designs with 20+ layers.


    RF design
    The sensitive nature of RF PCBs means that placement and routing can be critical to the functionality of the design. Concept CAD is familiar with the unique requirements of RF designs.


    HDI (Micro via/buried via)
    With the continuous miniaturisation of component packing and the increase in component density the use of microvias is often necessary. Concept CAD has undertaken many microvia designs ranging from “standard” micro via, through to composite stacked via design. Our CAD tools have the full HDI functionality enabled, which offer greater controls over microvias and buried vias, thus accelerating design timescales and guaranteeing that the PCB is designed in line with fabricators capabilities.


    High speed
    Very high speed nets need special consideration, this may include curved traces, tight length controls, exotic trace shapes, large clearances and guard traces.


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