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    PCB Item Manufacture Capacity
       Layer Counts    1–20L
       Base Material    FR4,High-TG FR4,CEM3,aluminum,High Frequency(Rogers,Taconic,Aron,PTFE,F4B)
       Material Thickness(mm)    0.40, 0.60, 0.80, 1.00, 1.20, 1.50, 1.60, 2.0, 2.4, 3.2
       Max board size(mm)    1200x400mm
       Board Outline Tolerance    ±0.15mm
       Board Thickness    0.4mm–3.2mm
       Thickness Tolerance    ±8%
       Minimum line/space    0.1mm
       Min Annular Ring    0.1mm
       SMD Pitch    0.3mm
       Min  Hole Size(mechanical)    0.2mm
       Min Hole Size(laser hole)    0.1mm
       Hole Size Tol (+/-)    PTH:±0.075mm;NPTH: ±0.05mm
       Hole Position Tol    ±0.075mm
       HASL/LF HAL    2.5um
       Immersion Gold    Nickel  3-7um  Au:1-5u”
       Surface Finish    HAL,ENIG,Plated Gold,Immersion Gold,OSP
       Copper Weight    0.5–6oz
       Solder mask    Green, Blue, Black, White, Yellow, Red, Matt Green, Matt Black, Matt Blue
       Silk screen    White, Black, Blue,Yellow
       Acceptable File Format    Gerber file,Powerpcb,CAD,AUTOCAD,ORCAD,P-CAD,CAM-350,CAM2000
       Certificate    ROSH,ISO9001,UL




    FPC Item Manufacture Capacity
       Layer Counts    1–10L
       Min. Line Width    0.05mm
       Min. Hole Size    0.15mm PTH
       Min. PTH Hole Ring    0.45mm
       Min. Gap between Cover Layer and Pad    0.1mm
       Min. Gap between Trace and Outline    0.2mm
       Trace Width Tolerance    +/-0.05mm L≤ 25mm
       Hole Size Tolerance    +/-0.05mm
       Stiffener and Outline Tolerance    +/-0.25mm
       Surface Treatment    ENIG, Gold Plating, HAL, Plating Pb-Sn



    Sample Lead time Mass production lead time
    Single sided PCB 1~3 4~7
    Double sided PCB 2~5 7~10
    Multilayer PCB 7~8 10~15
    PCB and Assembly 8~15


    fpc flex pcb with pi stiffener, flexible pcb manufacturer with cheapest price in Shenzhen

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