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    Rogers PCBs Manufacturer

    We are leading Rogers PCBs manufacturer. We make use of Rogers 4003 and Rogers 4350 materials in manufacturing PCBs for our customers.

    Rogers 4003 PCBs

    This is a type of Rogers PCB material, which is non-brominated. This material comes in different configurations and uses the glass fabric styles of 1674 and 1080 that meet the electrical performance specifications of the same laminate. This material is mainly used in:

    • Microwave/RF Applications
    • Defense and Aerospace Applications

    Rogers 4350 PCBs

    This is another type of Rogers PCB material, which is UL 94V-0 rated for high-power RF designs. This material is largely used in:

    • Automotive Radar and Sensors
    • Cellular Base Station Antennas
    • RF Identification (RFID) Tags

     Capabilities of Rogers PCBs

    We provide Rogers PCBs with following capabilities:

    Board Thickness PCB Materials Type Outer Copper Weight Minimum Tracing/Spacing
    0.062ʺ0.031ʺ0.093ʺ0.125ʺ  Rogers 4003Rogers 4350  0.5 oz.1 oz.2 oz.  6/6 mil4/5 mil
    Surface Finish Panel Options Solder Mask Silkscreen Color
    HASL LeadedHASL Lead-freeENIG Immersion GoldImmersion Silver NO Tab Route/V-ScoreTab Route/V-ScoreTab Route/V-Score (1/4” Rails)  GreenYellowBlackRedBlue  YellowBlackWhiteRed

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