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    High-quality PCB fabrication and assembly services from Wonderful PCB derive from both rigorous PCB manufacturing standards, regulations in manufacturing process and high accuracy of circuit boards assembly equipments. Our PCB assembly process conforms to manufacturing requirements of IPC-610D, JSTD-020C, JSTD-005 and JSTD22-B117. The following table shows some of our PCBA equipments with their models and features:

    Equipment Function Model Features
    Solder paste printing G5 Accuracy: ±0.025mm
    Max. speed: 150mm/sec
    PCB max. area: 400*310mm
    PCB thickness: 0.2-6mm
    Surface mount placement SM421 Accuracy: ±0.03mm
    Speed: 0.17sec/pc
    PCB max. area: 600*400mm
    Available component: 0201 chip to 35*35mm
    Reflow NS800II Nitrogen source: external
    PCB max. size: 400mm
    Temperature accuracy: ±4°C
    Zones: 8
    Lead free compatible
    AOI ALD515 Accuracy: ±0.0024mm
    Speed: 5in² /sec (60FOV/sec)
    PCB max. area: 400*330mm
    Available component: 0201 chip and fine pitch
    V-cutting 400 Accuracy: ±0.25mm
    PCB max. size: 400mm
    Cleaning FR-1054 PCB max. area: 400*300mm
    X-ray inspection VIEW X2000 BGA void
    Solderability inner shielding
    BGA rework ZM-R6810 Nitrogen source: NA
    PCB max. size: 350mm
    Temperature accuracy: ±1°C
    Lead free compatible
    Wave solder GSD-WD300T Nitrogen source: external
    PCB max. size: 400mm
    Temperature accuracy: ±1°C
    Lead free compatible

    Owing to those state-of-the-art assembly equipments and certificates of ISO 9001:2008, UL and RoHS, Wonderful PCB is and will be more capable of producing high quality PCB products and assembly services. We specialize in offering RoHS compliant lead-free assembly, non-RoHS assembly to conformal coating, from prototype assembly to low-volume assembly, from consigned assembly to full turnkey assembly, meeting numerous customers’ PCB assembly needs. Feel free to check our custom circuit boards assembly capabilities before sending over your project for free quotation.

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