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    LED PCB Application:
    1. Audio equipment: input, output amplifier, balanced amplifier, audio amplifier, preamplifier, power amplifier, etc.
    2.Power equipment, switching regulator “DC/AC converter” SW regulator, etc.
    3.Communication electronic equipment: high frequency increase ” filtering electrical” transmitting circuit.
    4.Office automation equipment, motor drives, etc.
    5.Automobile, electronic regulator “igniter” power controller, etc.
    6.Computer: CPU board “diskette drive” power supply device, etc.
    7.Power module, inverter “solid relay” rectifier bridge, etc.

    2.PCB lead time:(if you need urgent service,we also can meet)

    Description Single Layer Double Layer
    Sample(WD) 3-5 5-7
    Mass production(WD) 5-7 7-9

    3.Package:Inner vacuum packing,Outer standard carton box packing.

    A:By DHL,UPS,Fedex,TNT etc.
    B:By sea for mass quantity according to customer’s requirement.

    5.If need quotation for your PCB projects,pls provide following info:
    A:Quote quantity,
    B:Gerber file in 274-x format,
    C:Technical requirement or parameters(material,layer,copper thickness,
    board thickness,surface finishing,solder mask/silkscreen color…)

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