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  • In order to ensure quality in PCB design, your task should cover the following three aspects.• Capability of PCB manufacturers has to be ensured.Quality department, together with ... Read more >
  • Soldering is accomplished by quickly heating the metal parts to be joined, and then applying a flux and a solder to the mating surfaces. The finished solder joint metallurgically ... Read more >
  • PCB Flying Probe TesterTest is a very important part of PCBprocess in PCB manufacting, in order to improve the efficiency of PCB testing, then therePCBfly Needle test. Here we com... Read more >
  • Today I'm going to show you how to make simple customized PCB (printed circuit board). All you need are some materials and tools like: A PCB board, A bottle of Ferric Chloride... Read more >
  • Electronic componentAnelectronic componentis any basicdiscrete deviceor physical entity in anelectronic systemused to affectelectronsor their associatedfields. Electronic componen... Read more >
  • В последнее время все стали задумываться о целесообразности применения ламп накаливания, потому что появились такие новые технологии, как светодиодные.Светодиодные лампы или свето... Read more >
  • Технология монтажапечатных платОсновной повод для беспокойство - это выбор правильной технологии монтажа компонентов исходя из вашей комплектации. В частности, бессвинцовые BGA-ко... Read more >
  • Gold apply to the pcb circuit board surface treatment ,due to it’s strong conductivity, good oxidation resistance, longevity. Which usually use for keyboard, gold plating board,et... Read more >
  • Introduction: Coating material when dry (aftercuring) should typically have a thickness of 30–130μm (0.0012–0.0051in) when using acrylic resin, epoxy resin, or urethane resin. For... Read more >
  • Understanding how PCB shorts can occur is instrumental in designing PCBs that minimize the risk of shorting. a reference on PCB shortage causes is always handy.1. PCBContamination... Read more >
  • The success of a product, it is necessary to pay attention to the intrinsic quality, and second, taking into account the overall appearance, both of which are more perfect in orde... Read more >
  • What are Circuit Symbols and why are these Schematic Symbols Used? Circuit symbols are symbols, signs or pictogram of electronic components to represent electrical and electronic ... Read more >
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