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  • The characteristics and the harm to human body of lead:lead (lead BP), gray metal, melting point is 327.5 ℃, heating to 400 ~ 500 ℃when the steam to escape, a large number of lead... Read more >
  • To ensure your products perform well, design and selecting the surface finish is not enough. You also have to ensure that material specified is available within the factory and wi... Read more >
  • Wave soldering is to allow plug-in board surface directly in contact with hot liquid tin soldering achieve the purpose, to maintain a high-temperature liquid tin slope by a specia... Read more >
  • In China there have more than thousands of PCB factory, Wonderful PCB Limited is one of the PCB factory in China, which in the market since 1996.All the PCB we made is reach IPC s... Read more >
  • Aluminum PCB, also named aluminum base PCB, metal clad (MCPCB) PCB. It is generally including single layer, double layer and multi layer. Normally aluminum PCB consists of line la... Read more >
  • Constructing a prototype PCB is a job very best left to pros, as it requirements to be carried out in accordance to exact specs. Any mistakes in the course of the prototyping stag... Read more >
  • This Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made and entered into as of May 14th., 2012 between Wonderful PCB(HK) Ltd., a PCBcorporation located at 32 A,... Read more >
  • As we have mentioned before: All Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's) have copper finishes on their surface. If they are left unprotected then the copper will oxidize and deteriorat... Read more >
  • Flexible printed circuit board made by polyimide material.We also call it FPC.The high density of arrange circuit, thin thickness, flexible are the characteristic of FPC so it is ... Read more >
  • AOI is Automatic Optic Inspection. The device is based on the principle of optics to check defects while soldering. The AOI is start from recently years. But the speed of the deve... Read more >
  • Based on different innovative models, scientific and technological innovation has the original innovation, integrated innovation and the introduction-digestion-absorption, and re-... Read more >
  • The PCB layout can be draw either manually or by ECAD (Electronic - Computer Aid Design) software. The manual process is useful and quick only for very easy PCBs, for more complex... Read more >
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