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  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Material is important. Usually a simple circuit board comprises a substrate and a variety of electronic components, Since 1931, Austrian Paul Eisler using the first block printed circuit board in a radio device, till  now,types of PCB materials has become more and more abundant,  like flexible circuit board in use of polyimide woven glass fiber substrate for the environment temperature which is rather high; circuit that adopts Teflon glass fiber substrate for high frequency; metal substrate material should be used for high heat dissipation requirements of electronic products and so on.


    So how to choose the appropriate type of pcb materail for your product? Generally the following factors should be considered when choosing PCB materials:


    (1) to select the substrate material with appropriate temperature (Tg) of the glass transition , Tg should be higher than the circuit operating temperature.

    (2) low thermal expansion coefficient is required. Due to the difference of thermal expansion coefficient among axis X, Y, and thickness direction, it is easy to cause PCB material deformation, and when it is serious, it will cause the metal hole breakage and component damage.

    (3) General high heat resistance is required. PCB with Heat resistance of 250 degrees /50S is required.

    (4) Good flatness is required. SMT PCB warping degree should be less than 0.0075mm/mm.

    (5) Material with high permittivity and small dielectric loss is necessary in electrical performance of high frequency circuit. Insulation resistance, voltage resistance, anti arc properties should also meet the requirements of the products.


    Shenzhen Wonderful Technology Co.ltd has 19 years of PCB manufacturing experience. We have been certificated by ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004 and UL. we can make many kinds of PCB board with different materials, such as aluminum, FR4 and ceramic Rogers/Isola FR1, FR2, cem1, cem3 and H Frequency PCB. 

    As PCB materials supplier, we provide high quality and favorable price of all kinds of PCB material, The following are some of our products pcb material, suggestions or if there are procurement requirements, please contact us, we will respond to you the first time.

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