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OEM services

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Shenzhen Wonderful PCB Co.,Ltd  also provides PCB assembly services and OEM services to our customers. We have PCB manufacturing facilities, PCB assembly inspection equipment, components quality control equipment, and professional teams in China. Just give us your design, and we can make it into a real product for you. Our engineers will manage and control the quality of your products in the whole process, from PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, sourcing components to packaging design and other logistics.


Having Shenzhen Wonderful PCB Co.,Ltd involved does not mean that your quote will be higher than a quote you might get directly from a plant providing PCB assembly and OEM services in China. Our partnership with those PCB assembly and OEM services plants has made sure that we can transfer more benefits to our customers, and you are free from all the following hassles.

· quality issues

· shipping delays

· poor communications

· warranty problems

· product returns

· endless trips to China to sort things out


Shenzhen Wonderful PCB Co.,Ltd  has long standing relations with a number of manufacturers, and we will select the one that best fits your needs. It is our long good relationship that counts, and your order will enjoy the same level attention as other bigger client of these manufacturers. In the whole process if you have any problems, we will represent you to deal with our partners face to face and most problems can be solved quickly.Send email to now to submit your OEM manufacturing project.

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